Hooded man

The Hooded man, more commonly nicknamed Hoodie/Hoody is a hooded entity first seen in Entry #41.


The Hooded man wears a yellow carhart jacket, blue jeans, and a black mask with a red frown under his hood, which covers his head.


The Hooded man really doesn't do much, except for roaming around a certain place, as if protecting/guarding it. He was also seen in Entry #45 running away from Alex and later in that entry, aided Masky in choking him. It also looked as if Hoodman was paralyzing Alex just by looking at him.


It has been assumed that The Hooded man is the supposed second half of Totheark, along with Masky. This would explain the differance between each video, done in an different style complete with different fonts, video and hidden meanings.

The majority strongly believe that Brian is The Hooded man, and is attempting to steer our detective, Jay in the right drection. Other candidates include Sarah, Amy, and Seth.

In Entry #84, it is revealed that Hoodie is Brian.