Witness ProfileEdit

(Witness ID #00115)

Jessica ████ is the third main witness in the Marble Hornets case. She met Jay ██████ after his seven month absence. They both woke up from a blacked out period of time in conjoined rooms in the hotel. Neither of them knew where they were or how they had gotten there.

Jessica ████ in Entry #32

She was first seen in Entry #27 [1] leaving the room neighboring Jay ██████'s. She finally makes contact with Jay ██████ in Entry #28 [2]. Since then, she has appeared in the following entires:

Entry #30 [3]

Entry #31 [4]

Entry #32 [5]

In Entry #32, she recalls to Jay ██████ a story similar to his own. She doesn't know how she got there, she feels like someone is following her, and she can't sleep. They decide to leave together afterwards. However, Jay ██████ returns to the room in Entry #33 [6] and finds her missing.

The KnockingEdit

In Entry #30, Jay ██████ records knocking sounds coming from Jessica ████'s room. He talks to her about this and she denies all of it.

Connection with Jay ██████Edit

There is evidence to support the theory that she and Jay ██████ met sometime during the seven month absence.

•In Entry #29, she recognizes Jay ██████'s name •They have conjoined rooms •They seem to both be stalked by the Slender Man •They both have forgotten a period of time leading up to staying in the hotel •In Entry #33, Jay ██████ finds the combination with Operator Symbol for his safe in her room


At the end of Entry #32, Jay ██████ agrees to leave the hotel that night with Jessica ████. However, when he returned for her in Entry #33, she was missing. It is highly probable that the masked figure, or "[Masky]" was responsible for her disappearance, since he attacked Jay ██████ several minutes later. It is also probable that Jessica ████ left on her own accord for whatever reason. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.