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(Witness ID #00113)

Sarah ███████ was an actor in the Marble Hornets film and friends with Tim ██████, Brian █████, and Seth █████████. Her role in the Marble Hornets case beyond a witness is uncertain.

Sarah ███████ on set in Entry #9

Her first appearance on film was in Entry #9 [1], on set with Tim ██████ and Alex Kralie. In Entry #12 [2], she was controlling the camera and witnessed the Slender Man along with Alex Kralie and Brian █████. It is also speculated that she was in the back seat of the car in Entry #7 [3] as she was the only female member of the cast and they were referring to a female. If she was, it is doubtful that she saw the Slender Man as Alex Kralie had.


At the end of the footage in Entry #22, Alex Kralie reveals that Sarah went missing along with Tim ██████, Brian █████, Seth █████████, and Jay ██████. She most likely met the same fate as Brian █████ and Seth █████████, as they are the only ones that are not most likely accounted for.

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